How to Apply

The student can collect the application form from any of the IGBS campuses or ISDC offices. The application form can be downloaded from the website and can be submitted or couriered to the respective campus. Student can make online application through their Credit/Debit Card. If you have queries on application procedure, you can write directly to

Upon the submission of the Application Form, the students will get an acknowledgement from the Admissions Office or campuses. The students have to go through an aptitude test or a telephonic/skype interview. The successful candidates are given the offer by mail or telephone and they will be admitted upon the receipt of their admission fees and duly filled enrolment form. The enrolment form has to be filled in person and International students can send the scanned copy of enrolment form through mail. Upon the receipt of enrolment form, Visa Letter will be issued to the International Students. The bank loan letters can be obtained from office only after the admission fee payment. For more queries, you write directly to